Excursion Guides

Feel free to use any of the Excursion Guides hosted on this page for your own Tales and Travel Memories Programs.

Each Excursion Guide includes:

  • A brief table of contents
  • Examples of destination-specific folktales
  • Tips for conducting a successful Tales and Travel Memories program
  • Facts about the destination
  • An annotated bibliography detailing top titles for each destination
  • List of suggested supplemental materials and web-based resources

We currently offer Excursion Guides for 12 destinations with more in development. Click the link to download the PDF.


Each Tales and Travel Memories Program includes a destination-specific folktale. Participants can take turns reading aloud from the folktale. We currently offer 31 folktales for a variety of destinations with more in development. All folktales have been adapted by Kathleen Simonetta, a retired librarian. Each folktale, downloadable here in PDF form, includes space to add a Tales and Travel Memories logo with your library’s branding, a Creative Commons license, and Gail Borden Public Library logo.